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Zhayvoronok Health Complex is the best place for recreation in all seasons and holding official business events of any format in Transcarpathia. This is the healing power of thermal springs, the picturesque land of the Ukrainian Carpathians, incredibly delicious cuisine, fragrant wines and a unique folklore that is only in this region.

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The complex Zhayvoronok works as usual.

Dear guests! Despite the difficult energy situation throughout the country, the complex “Zhayvoronok” continues to work as usual.

In order to reduce the electrical load on the network of our city, as well as for the comfortable stay and accommodation of guests, we use two powerful generators and two solar stations. They fully ensure the functioning of the complex.

We are doing our best to get through these dark times together in comfort and safety.

We are confidently moving towards victory!

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The complex was founded in 2003, so it is a great alternative to post-Soviet sanatoriums – modern design guarantees comfortable living conditions. Fresh air, picturesque landscapes, thermal springs, a variety of proposed procedures will appeal to even the most demanding guest.

The complex “Zhayvoronok” is located in the city Beregovo on the street Shevchenka, 112 (GPS coordinates: 48 ° 12’46.39 ”N, 22 ° 39’28.62” E ). Successfully located in the mountains, the complex occupies an advantageous position between nature and civilization – you can always walk around the neighborhood, forgetting about the daily hustle and bustle, or go out into the city and be closer to its ancient history.

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Complex “Lark” is 7 km away from Luzhanka checkpoint and 3.5 km. from
health complex “Zhayvoronok”.

Plan of the complex “ZHAYVORONOK”
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Advantages of thermal pools

The real pride, a special concern of the staff of the complex is the thermal water. It has unique health and healing properties. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the pools are filled with natural mineral water directly from thermal wells.


temperature at the mouth of the source

Chemical storage of thermal water (mg/m3)
  • Chloridi 10 786,7
  • Hydrocarbonates 1342,4
  • Sulfati 165.01
  • Sodium-potassium 135.05
  • calcium 100,2
  • Magnesium 36,48
  • Fluorine, iodine 10
  • Amonius 0,8
  • Oxy silicon 24
  • РН, sіrvoday 6,4
  • Mineralization 24
М24 * Ct81 CH3 13 SO4 6 / (Na+K) 96Ca 2 pH64C Salt warehouse formula
3D tour of the complex “Zhayvoronok”

Shall we take a walk? Video tour of the complex ZHAYVORONOK

# Those that are not available to others

Halochamber-salt room

Relaxation and recovery procedure in a specialized room, the conditions of which are close to the famous Solotvyno natural salt caves. Natural sea salt in the cave, richer in trace elements than rock salt and allows you to intensively saturate the air of the chamber with potassium, magnesium and other trace elements that have anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, bronchodilator, relaxing effect.

Therapy in the salt cave will help to plunge into a state of weightlessness, improve the general condition of the body and promote the influx of new forces due to the trace elements of the air in the halo chamber:

20 Ca Calcium 29 Cu Copper 29 Mg Magnesium 29 Na Sodium 29 I Iodine 29 Fe Iron
# Those that are not available to others

Roman and wood-fired sauna

A real pleasure will be given by a bath with a wood-burning fireplace! All elements of the bath are made of natural materials and are environmentally friendly. In the bath you can completely relax and unwind. The steam temperature allows you to form soft steam without burning oxygen! A Roman steam room and sauna are also available to guests of the complex.

The bath will help to revitalize the body, remove all harmful trace elements and improve the condition of the skin. After the bath, you can enjoy delicious dishes from the restaurant, visit spa treatments or take a dip in the healing waters of our thermal pool, carved into the rock and filled with water from a mountain spring.


112, Shevchenko St., town of Berehovo, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine

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