Accommodation and booking rules

Accommodation and booking rules


  1. Terms

1.1. These Rules of Accommodation in the Hotel regulate the relationship between the health complex “Zhayvoronok” (hereinafter – the “Hotel”) and consumers and customers of hotel services and establish the basic requirements for the rules of use of the Hotel.

1.2. These Rules of living in the Hotel are developed in accordance with the Rules of use of hotels and similar means of accommodation and provision of hotel services, approved by the order of the State Tourist Administration of Ukraine of March 16, 2004 №19.

1.3. The guest is obliged to follow the Rules of staying in the Hotel and the Rules of fire safety.

1.4. If the Guest repeatedly violates the Hotel Policies and / or Fire Safety Rules, resulting in material damage and / or inconvenience to other consumers, the Hotel has the right to refuse accommodation or terminate the contract (to carry out an eviction).

1.5. The hotel guarantees guests privacy. Consumers of the Hotel take into account and do not object to the use of video surveillance systems in the Hotel, except for toilets and hotel rooms. The hotel reserves the right to provide at the request of the competent state authorities all the information and information they need.

1.6. Smoking is prohibited in the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to impose a fine on guests for violating fire safety regulations, smoking in unauthorized places and disobeying the lawful requirements of the administration.

1.7. Reviews and suggestions on the Hotel can be left with the Hotel Administrator or on the Hotel’s website. Also fill out the questionnaire in the hotel room, which is in the information folder.

1.8. The Hotel is open 24 hours a day.

1.9. The estimated time of the hotel is 12 hours. 00 min Kyiv time.

1.10 Check-in time at the hotel is 15 hours. 00 min Kyiv time.

1.11. When children up to 5 years old (inclusive) and parents are accommodated in the same room without the provision of an additional bed, the fee for children’s stay is not charged. For the accommodation of children who are provided with a separate bed-place, an additional fee is charged, which depends on the age of the child. You can find out the cost of an additional bed on the “Zhaivoronok” Hotel page in the “Prices” section. The additional price includes breakfast and use of the swimming pools at the “all day” rate.

1.12. The hotel provides the consumer with the following types of services at no extra charge:

ambulance call;
wake up at a certain time;
taxi call;
Wi-Fi internet access is available on site.
change of towels and bed linen;
reference information on the city;
availability of appropriate hygiene products in the room;
daily room cleaning and bed linen change once every three days;
use of safe in the room;
gym services;
conference room;
provision of specially designated places for parking or parking of vehicles;
providing the necessary equipment (iron, kettle).

1.13. The hotel provides the following services for an additional fee:

catering services, (restaurant, pizzeria, cafe “Bistro”, summer cafe in the pool);
mini bar services (in the room);
peeling with Garra Rufa leg fish;
tasting of wines of own production;
salt room;
spa services;
washing personal belongings
robe rental (performed at the hotel reception for the entire stay)

1.14. Bed linen and bathroom towels are changed at least once every three days. Pool towels are changed once a day according to the schedule at the exchange point (from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.). Robes are not changed in deluxe rooms, i.e. they are provided for the entire period of stay.

1.15. Control over the observance by consumers of these Rules is carried out by the Hotel Reception and Accommodation Service.

1.16. Control over the observance by consumers of these Rules is carried out by the Hotel Reception and Accommodation Service.

  1. Definition of terms

In the Hotel Policies, the terms are used in the following meaning:

consumer (Guest) – a natural person who receives accommodation services

customer – a natural or legal person, including a tourist entity, which enters into a contract for the provision of hotel services on behalf and for the benefit of consumers and makes payments under this agreement (provides guarantees for payment under this agreement);

reception and accommodation service of the Hotel (reception) – a service that deals with the reception, registration, settlement and eviction of the Guest.

hotel service – actions (operations) of the Hotel for accommodation of the consumer by providing a room (place) for temporary accommodation in the Hotel, as well as other activities related to accommodation and temporary accommodation. Hotel service consists of basic and additional services provided to the consumer during accommodation and accommodation in the Hotel;

room – a separate room equipped with furniture, consisting of one or more rooms suitable for temporary residence;

booking – the process of ordering basic and / or additional services in the Hotel, in order to obtain them in due time by a specific consumer or group of consumers;

confirmation of booked services – the consent of the Hotel to perform the ordered agreed list of basic and additional services in accordance with the application;

refusal to book services – refusal of the Hotel to book basic and additional services of the Hotel within the period specified in the contract;

cancellation – refusal of the customer from the booked services. Cancellation is divided into three types: timely cancellation, late cancellation, non-arrival.

timely cancellation – the customer’s refusal to use the booked services no later than fourteen days before the date of the planned check-in or within the terms specified in the contract;

late cancellation – cancellation no later than thirteen days before the date of scheduled check-in or within the terms specified in the contract;

non-arrival – the actual non-arrival of the consumer, consumer group to the Hotel on the day of arrival or cancellation of booked services less than 24 hours before the specified date of settlement;

date of arrival – the date of arrival of the Guest at the Hotel;

date of departure – date of departure of the Guest from the Hotel;

settlement time – on the day of departure, the Guest must vacate the room by 12:00 p.m. Kyiv time

3. The order of check-in at the Hotel and payment for Hotel services

3.1. Payment for accommodation and services provided by the Hotel is made in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card, according to the current price list of the hotel. Payment for accommodation and additional services is made in the national currency – hryvnia.

3.2. If the Guest is more than one day late, the guaranteed reservation will be canceled and the prepayment for the stay will not be refunded.

3.3. A room (seat) in the Hotel is provided to Guests upon presentation of passports or other identity documents.

3.4. The guest must inform the hotel of his / her wish to leave earlier than agreed. At the same time, funds are not returned.

3.5. In order to prevent material and technical losses, the Guest at check-in leaves an insurance deposit in the amount of 500 hryvnias with the Hotel Administrator, which is refunded upon check-out subject to the integrity of the minibar and in-room inventory.

Responsibilities of the Guest of the Hotel “Zhayvoronok”

4.1. The guest is obliged to:

4.1.1. Follow the order in the Hotel, throw garbage only in specially designated areas;

4.1.2. take care of the Hotel’s property;

4.1.3. not to do actions that disturb the peace and disturb other Guests;

4.1.4. follow the rules of fire safety;

4.1.5. do not allow outsiders into the room;

4.1.6. when leaving the room: close the taps, close the windows and doors of the balcony, turn off the lights and equipment in the room, close the door with a lock;

4.1.7. when leaving the Hotel, pay in full for all services provided and hand over the room key to the maid or the person on duty at the time of departure;

4.1.8. in case of damage to the property of the Hotel, the Guest compensates its value in accordance with the internal documents of the Hotel;

      4.2. In order to ensure order and security in the Hotel, the Guest during the stay in the Hotel is prohibited:

4.2.1. use heating devices;;

4.2.2. bring to the territory of the Hotel and store in the room materials and objects that are dangerous to life and health of others;

4.2.3. rearrange and remove furniture from the hotel room;

4.2.4. violate generally accepted norms of behavior.

4.2.5. cause damage to the property of the Hotel;

4.2.6. to avoid persistent odor, it is forbidden to store food with pungent odors.

4.2.7. For loss (damage) of key and / or keychain from the room, the Guest is obliged to pay a fine of 200 UAH.

4.2.8. smoking in the room. The guest is obliged to pay a fine of UAH 200.

5. Responsibility of the Hotel

5.1. In case of non-fulfillment in full or in part of the contractual obligations related to the provision of hotel services, the Hotel reserves the right to replace them with equivalent or higher order.

5.2. Service claims are accepted, considered and eliminated by the Hotel only during the Guest’s stay at the Hotel. After the Guest leaves the Hotel, claims are not accepted and are not considered. Complaints and applications of guests must be considered by the hotel administration in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine.

5.3. If you find forgotten items, the Hotel is obliged to inform the Guest immediately (provided that their owner is known). At the written request of the Guest it is possible to send him forgotten things at the expense of the Guest. Foods forgotten by the guest must be disposed of.

5.4. The hotel is exempt from liability for partial or complete failure to provide hotel services if it was due to force majeure (fire, natural disaster, lightning, heavy rain, wind, rain, hurricanes, snow, hail, tornado, gas supply failure, water supply and / or power supply)

6.Monitoring compliance with the rules

6.1. Control over the observance of these rules by the Hotel staff is carried out by the Hotel administration.

6.2. On all other issues not regulated by these rules, the relationship between the Hotel and the Guest is governed by current legislation of Ukraine.


Room reservation

Accommodation and booking rules1.1. Carried out on the website, by phone +38 093 24 0000 7 or at the hotel reception.

1.2. To confirm the reservation, advance payment is made within 24 hours:

  • when booking 1 (one) night, full payment is made, i.e. payment for 1 (one) night;
  • when booking 2 (two) nights, full payment is made, i.e. payment for 2 (two) nights;
  • when booking 3 (three) nights, a prepayment for 2 (two) nights is made;
  • when booking more than 3 (three) nights, a prepayment in the amount of 50% of the booking price is made.

1.3. If the prepayment is not made within one day after the invoice was issued, the reservation will be canceled automatically.

1.4. When canceling a reservation:

  • 14 nights before check-in, the cost of 1 (one) night’s stay is deducted;
  • 7 nights before check-in, the cost of 2 (two)night’s stay is deducted;
  • 3 nights before check-in, money is not returned.

1.5. At check-in, payment is made for the entire booking period.